Stevie Nicks.

The very first moment I set eyes on Stevie was the very first moment I set foot in “control room A” at Sound City. My times at Sound City & friendship with Stevie & Lindsey would be intertwined like a ball of string after a first kite flight for at least the next couple of years. Kieth Olsen got me hired there through Dave Devore, & Joe Gottfried, the then owner of Sound City. My first task was to help paint the control room (this horrible brown color I think) in “studio A” along with a few other unfortunate souls Joe had managed to recruit. Among these souls were Stevie & Lindsey & I swear, Stevie had more paint on her then on the ceiling she was supposed to be painting (not exactly the queen of the paint roller on a poll). Even through the dripping brown paint on her face I could see she was Quite beautiful. They (Stevie & Lindsey) were living at Kieth Olsen’s house in Coldwater Canyon at the time & felt obligated to help Keith & Joe with the studio for upcoming studio time & efforts put into their career. As I looked up at the ceiling, I realized that this girl was not suited for painting & grabbed the roller out of her hand & took over. Now that I think of it, I never stopped looking up when standing next to Stevie. Now I see a free spirit, rustling like leaves on a tall tree anchored in deep earth, not uneven paint. But I’m still looking up. Even though you were sometimes a pain in my neck, (looking up too much I suppose) I’m still looking up.

Love Forever,


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Fleetwood Mac, 1976.

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Lindsey goes insane at the 1976 Santa Barbara Concert


I love Lindsey’s work. I didn’t hang around with him for seven years for nothing, listening to him play guitar every single night, watching him fall asleep with his electric guitar across his chest. There were nights I had to pry the guitar off of him so he could sleep in a normal position.”

- Stevie Nicks

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Fleetwood Mac live and taking the stage at the Alpine Valley Music Theatre: July 17th, 1978.

In September of 1973 Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks released their first album simply titled “Buckingham Nicks”. To this day it remains a prime example of just how good rock and roll can sound.

Paul Simon live rhymin’ in ‘73.

Live at the Civic Auditorium: October 14th. Photographs by “Dougo Blue”

Nothing like some good ol’ Little Feat!

Photo 1: George & Ronstadt - Circa ‘74 ~ ?

Photo 2: The Factory - 1967 ~ Jill Klein

Photo 3: Fuller & Kaz Band - 1978 ~ Brooks Brown

Photo 4: Little Feat - 1977 ~ Debby Schenk

Photo 5: Little Feat - 1972 ~ Christine Kinney Work

Photo 6: Lowell & Elizabeth - Circa ‘71 ~ ?

Photo 7: Little Feat - Circa ‘75 ~ ?

Lowell George & Richie Hayward, both up in Rock N’ Roll Heaven!